Revolutionary rapid hitches are aluminum adjustable ball mounts that have had overwhelming success in the towing/hitch industry. Providing greater versatility, no other ball mount is easier to use. The hitches adjustability enables the trailer to remain parallel to the ground, making towing safe and easy. These hitches are convenient, efficient, and very effective. Provided below is more information pertaining to Andersen's and Diversi-Tech Rapid Hitches to assist you in determining which best accommodates your needs.


Andersen's Rapid Hitches

rapid hitches
The revolutionary Rapid Hitch is the FIRST and ORIGINAL aluminum ball mount that continues to take the market by storm. This beautiful hitch looks great, with a high gloss surface no paint or chrome needs to be applied and if it happens to get dirty buff it back to shine for that brand new look! Rust eliminating super aluminum alloy makes it surprisingly strong, durable, and light. Not to mention low maintenance! Weighing in at only 15 lbs. it has V5 certification with a 10,000 lbs. strength rating and tongue weight of 1,500 lbs.
The Rapid Hitch is capable of adjusting to accommodate various heights.

    Its availability includes three drop sizes
    • the 3 1/2" drop/rise
    • the 5 1/2" drop/rise
    • full 10" drop

The 10" drop is intended for vehicles that are lifted and adjustment options vary between an approximation of 4" to 10" drop. Designed for fitting any standard pick-up truck is the 5 1/2" drop/rise, however, in some instances the standard rapid hitch drags within dips, so a SUV Rapid Hitch was designed to address this is issue. It's also compatible with most light and ½ ton trucks as well as SUVs.
    To determine which drop is needed all that has to be done is measuring the distance between the ground and the 2" receiver tube's inside top.
    • 20" or less , the 3 1/2" drop is for you
    • If the measurement is between 20" and 24" you'll need the 5 1/2" drop
    • greater than 24" you need the 10" drop
Your trucks suspension and trailer's tongue heights do play a role, but in most cases these guidelines are relatively accurate. If you are uncertain it may be best to get advice by checking with your local dealer.

Finally, there is no sense in obstructing and weighing down your trucks bed with a hulking 5th wheel if the option of gooseneck conversion is available. 5th wheel trailers can be converted into a goosenecks making this Ranch Hitch Adapter versatile and efficient. This hitch is compatible with gooseneck balls manufactured by B&W, Blue Ox, Curt, Draw-tite, Pop Up, Reese, and Valley. Not only is installation easy but an included remote latching cable that enables easy coupling which means you'll never need to climb up into the back of your truck to establish a secure connection. and is capable of adjusting to accommodate various heights.

Diversi-Tech Self Locking Rapid Hitches

Diversi-Tech Hitches
Diversi-Tech's self locking hitches are well engineered and are incredibly secure, with an integrated self-locking mechanism they are, by far, more superior than the standard locking pins. They simply can't be broken, leaving thieves empty handed in the event they even attempt to take what isn't theirs. An integrated pin provides additional strength as well as convenience since you are less likely to not pin the hitch. This seems to also double as a safety feature.

The self locking mechanism is comprised of an sealing O-ring that keeps dirt, grit, and water out while ensuring lube stays in. A barrel lock and key design assembles the hardest lock to pick making it difficult to swipe if you aren't the rightful owner. All Diversi-Tech Dual ball hitches include keys; The adjustable hitch includes four and the non adjustable includes 2. The integrated pins are five times stronger than a regular hitch pin since the hitch is manufactured from a hardened stainless steel. The same key and stainless O-ring sealed pin are used by the adjustable billet aluminum hitch to lock in place.

Anti-rattle balls are spring loaded to prevent hitch rattle which reduces noise and wear on the hitch shank. All of these wonderful features and products are backed by a one year warranty and have endured SAE testing to gain certification to ensure quality.